• Oatmeal Cookie - Hand Made Cold Process Soap - Small Bar

FELTED – Oatmeal Cookie – Hand Made Cold Process Soap – Small Bar

The only felted soap for this fall shopping experience! More to come I promise because it really is something special to experience. A bar of fantastic sudsy soap, wrapped up in a wool sweater, for you to use again and again. The wool exfoliates, the precious oils in the soap penetrate deeper, leaving you with silky skin – naturally. It makes the soap last longer (HIGHLY recommend using a soap tray to prevent getting soggy) more suds – totally a luxury item. These were my test batch which is sort of fun! I can’t wait to make more for you all!!!

Kevin’s favorite cookie. Also – everyone that has been able to physically stop at the shop – this has been the top seller of the soap. Oatmeal is so soothing regardless if you are bathing in it, eating it out of a bowl or biting into a chewy cookie. A grain mixed with spices and just the right amount of sweetness. Close your eyes and breath deep…do it again or as often as you would like because there are zero calories involved here which seems almost sinful…I would imagine this one will be coming back as a regular….

The particular formula I have come up with is made of skin softening & moisturizing oils. At the same time I wanted it to lather up as well as most commercial body washes and hand soaps. With a little trial and error – I believe I have accomplished just that. I sourced the highest quality ingredients to provide you with a premium product. They have all cured 4 weeks or more so you get the longest lasting bubbly experience.

Don’t forget to purchase a cedar soap tray to be sure that your bar of soap will last as long as possible.

All of our soaps contain the following ingredients:

Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Avocado Oil, Castor Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Shea butter, JoJoba oil, salt, and fragrance oil.


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