• Little Lucy

Little Lucy

A brilliant, beautiful, soft reminder to live everyday to the fullest.

The most pure white adorable lamb lived a love filled, yet traumatic life. After being rejected by her natural Mom at birth she thrived as a happy healthy bottle baby. Late summer enjoying sunshine and fresh pasture she was attacked by coyotes. Her and I worked together through some dire circumstances to heal her. The final piece to her healing was surgically repairing her mouth to work better – but – she simply didn’t wake up from the beautiful deep sleep, finding comfort there.

Little Lucy never let anything stand in her way. Rejected by family, mauled & disfigured, yet remained happy as punch living her best life – Living in the present.

Little Lucy is a great reminder to always stay in the present. Traumas tend to over shadow our current happiness, but that was never the case with Lucy. We tend to question and fret our futures. Little Lucy never stopped smiling. She pulled me through the worst of it…

I hope you love your little token Lucy to remind you to simply keep on striving for tomorrow. To stay in your present. To shine forever….Keep Sprouting…


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